Eventually this site will contain a list of Corporate (Family) Charts (found under "Roundhouse (Charts)") available for researching a particular family or individual names of railroads and railways. To date I have compiled a list of over twenty-nine thousand five hundred (29,500) road names, covering not only common carriers, but logging, mining, electric, and scenic roads, to sort, check and research in my work to do database. Hopefully, if it ran on rails, I will have it. Currently, of these, about 8,500 Railroad/Railway Company names have been entered into these Corporate Charts, so I still have a long way to go for completion.

To quote one of my favourite authors, Bryce Courtenay, from his book Solomon's Song, "How do you know all those things, Bryce?" "Well, of course, I don't. My friends do. Authors steal stuff, most of us have 'news-stand' minds, we accommodate knowledge for very short periods." Unquote.

As the 'author' for this WebSite, all the data and information I have 'borrowed', has been obtained from various sources, including books:-

Various Statistics of Railways in the United States - Interstate Commerce Commission;
American Shortline Railway Guide 5th Edition by Edward A. Lewis, and The Historical Guide to North American Railroads from Trains Magazine, to name two;
various Poor's and Moody's Manuals;
Eugene B. Connelly's publication Railroad Operations - USA and Canada All Time Listing;
magazines (Trains and Railroad magazines);
individuals who have been willing to share their knowledge, and some railroad companies.

It is not my intention for this to replace or contradict any publication or document, but to be a companion and guide.

Prior to commencing this project, I was wanting to trace a couple of railroad names. On searching the Internet, although there are some Corporate (Family) Histories of railroads available, none covered the complete North American infrastructure. At the time, I was researching my own family history, and that was the catalyst to combine both my hobbies, railroading and genealogy.

I have tried to ensure that all data and information on this site is accurate. Some errors and omissions will have gone unnoticed. Should there be any data you know to be incorrect or missing, it would be greatly apreciated, if you e-mail me the corrected information, along with your source. The data may then be updated.

You may notice that a railroad name is missing from a group. The reason for this, is that either I do not have it, it is in my work to do database, or I have insufficient information to have it located in the correct group. I would appreciate any information on these also.

Whilst there are too many individuals to thank by name, I must give a special mention of thanks and credit to the following:-
The late, William T. Edson, for his publication Railroad Names, which helped to start this project;
George Cook, for taking time out to help with my requests;
Adrian Ettlinger, who has withstood my consistent bombardment for information and help, thereby was interrupting his own research;
Earl Pleasants, for his help and great website, Railroad History Database;
The Texas State Historical Association and the General Libraries at the University of Texas at Austin, for approval to use excerpts from their publication, 'The Handbook of Texas Online';
The late, Jim Harrawood 'Slimjim' who helped and pointed me in many directions on the WWW. He will be sadly missed but remembered;

  • A Note or Two :

    As mentioned above all Corporate Charts when updated, will be in PDF format and the option of either 'Outline' or 'Box' Layout. For those of you wishing earlier or predecessor roads i.e. Norfolk & Western instead of Norfolk Southern or the Santa Fe and not BNSF, please email me your request.
    All ('unknown's, abandoned/individual roads') under Region, Logging/Mining and Electric Roads will only be displayed in "Outline" format charts, unless individually requested by email.

  • Incomplete:

    At present all charts are INCOMPLETE, and are being updated or new ones added about every two weeks or when time permits.

    NOTE: Some of the data presented on this page and the accompanying charts, may be in error, some omissions are surely to have occurred. If any errors are found, they can be corrected in very short order, that is the value of this system. All e-mails regarding this site and it's content, is welcomed - positive or negative.

  • Key to Codes Used :

    At the outset of this project, a lot of time went into deciding what to include or leave out. I knew that I would have my critics. This, I do not mind as it keeps me informed, and maybe improve some areas that I had not thought of before. I therefore drew up a mandate on what to use and how I would go about this project. Whilst gathering and collating my data I have also accumulated some history and other relevant information on a large number of railroads which is available on request at the e-mail address below.
    Where known, I have used either the chartered or incorporated date, otherwise the date relates to when the railroad commenced operations.
    I have omitted the use of 'Company', 'Inc.', commas between names, and have used the symbol '&' for 'and' to aid sorting of data and to help reduce the length of the name and thereby reduce the width of charts.

    Data in the square brackets '[]' indicates the railroad(s) with a controlling interest in the company, including dates if known.
    The word "Region", refers to the States within the United States and Provinces/Territories in Canada.
    For the reporting marks I have used those which have been used by my source, otherwise I used the first letters of the company's name.

  • Corrections:

    Please send corrections, additions or comments to:


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